Mathematics is the subject that counts. It is a fundamental skill that will be required throughout our lives.

At Pool Academy we place great emphasis on understanding the fundamentals of numeracy and developing the mathematical understanding that our students will take with them in their futures.

Mathematics lessons will challenge and support our students to fulil their potential through individual work, group work as well as whole class instruction. Their will be exercises to complete, problem solving activities as well as intervention sessions to help with this.

Your child will embark on the study for their GCSE from year 7. With constant tracking of progress and regular communication with students and parents you will be aware of their progress throughout their time here at Pool Academy. Students study maths in groups according to ability. Regular assessments and tracking of student achievement and progress mean that our students are placed in the group needed for them to develop their mathematical knowledge and understanding.

The scheme of learning that will be studied will include:
Geometry and Measure
Ratio and Proportion

We study the EDEXCEL syllabus. There are 2 tiers of entry: Foundation which awards grades 1-5 and Higher which awards grades 3-9.

Your child's tier of entry will be decided upon to give them the best chance to suceed they will be given every chance to fulfill their potential with regular assessments throughout the 5 years.

The exam consists of 3 papers - 1 non calculator and 2 calculators. All 3 papers are marked out of 80. Each paper will last 1hour 30 minutes.

Mr A James

Head of Faculty


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