Modern Foreign Languages



Europe is a single market for goods, labour and services, Britain’s wealth depends on our continued global trading. People who have a skill in a foreign language will be at a great advantage when looking for jobs. Employers tell us that those who have studied a Modern Language to at least GCSE have skills which they value highly and they therefore look for Language qualifications when short listing for interview. Many jobs and courses require students to have qualifications in Modern Languages. The skills acquired studying a Modern Language to GCSE form a sound basis for the future study of any other language, for business or leisure projects.

Students at Pool Academy study French at Key Stage 3 and French or Spanish at Key Stage 4. At Key Stage 4 some students study 2 languages.

GCSE French and Spanish

Students studying French or Spanish will follow a course of study which leads to the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance GCSE.

They will learn how to use the language effectively for practical communication as well as imaginatively and creatively. They will develop an awareness of grammatical structure and acquire the skills and attitudes which will form a sound basis for further study, work and leisure. Students will also learn about the culture of the countries being studied.

The course is assessed through written coursework prepared during lesson time, a speaking test also prepared and recorded during normal school time and reading and listening tests which are done at the end of the course.

Pupils will be required to demonstrate ability to:

understand and respond to the spoken language (Attainment Target 1 – Listening)
communicate in speech (Attainment Target 2 - Speaking)
understand and respond to written language (Attainment Target 3 - Reading)
communicate in writing (Attainment Target 4 - Writing).

Mr P Ryder

Head of Faculty


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