Music is central to the life of the school, and, as such, we are committed to ensuring that affordable instrumental tuition is available to any student wishing to learn to play or sing.

Our music curriculum follows the three main principles of Performing, Composing and Listening/Appraising music.

We develop our performing skills:
We learn to play keyboards, guitars and Drums, then perform a whole class song. We perform using BODY PERCUSSION. We play African Drums to perform our Rhythm Grids We use SAMBA instruments to form a SAMBA band, We play and sing the BLUES, We SING a variety of songs in many styles.

We develop our composing skills:
We learn how to compose RHYTHM GRIDS, We learn how to improvise using different SCALES, We compose our own OSTINATO’s, We use GarageBand to compose Pop Songs and SEQUENCE dance tracks.

We develop our listening and appraising skills:
We talk about how music makes us feel. We learn about the different instruments of the Orchestra. We learn about the MUSICAL ELEMENTS and talk about how they are used in the music we hear. We listen to many different styles of music. We study Music from all over the world and listen to as much as possible.

Throughout our curriculum the key musical elements underpin everything we do: TEMPO, TEXTURE, PITCH, MELODY, RHYTHM, TIMBRE.

In Years 9,10 and 11 we follow the RSL Music Practioners Certificate, both Performing and Technology parthway. We practice and develop a repertoire for their instrument at an appropriate level of difficulty. We study the capabilities and limitations of our chosen instrument. This can be any instrument, including voice, DJ-ing and sequencing. We develop an understanding of what a different types of Music is and the way they developed through time. We study and understand how composers of use musical elements and compositional devices.

The course is assessed in two elements - The first element is coursework which consists of two research projects. In the first, we develop our own musical practice, whether as an instrumental performer, composer or technician. We learn to practice and improve our skills and are assessed on a portfolio of evidence plus a final performance or composition. The second project is an investigation in to the development of musical genres and sub genres through time. This is a significant research project that is assessed as a final presentation or essay submitted at the end of year 10. The second element is a controlled assessment in either performing, composing or technology. We spend the first part of Year 11 refining our skills in one of these "specialisms" in preparation for the assessment which is undertaken in exam conditions.

We also work in conjuction with Cornwall Music Service Trust, and the Cornwall Guitar Academy to provide one to one and small group tuition on a wide range of musical instruments. Cornwall Music Service Trust provide lessons on any of the following instruments:

Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass)
Brass (Trumpet, Cornet, Trombone, Tuba)
Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon)
Drum Kit/Percussion

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Cornwall Guitar Academy provides lessons on the following instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar
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Mrs E Cromey

Head of Music


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