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Combined Sciences

Triple Science


Why is Science so important?

Have you ever been to see the doctor, dentist, watched a movie, used a computer, or travelled in a car? These are just a small selection of things that exist today because of science!

Science is at the forefront of modern society and is the basis of skills such as problem solving, investigation, experimentation and invention. In fact science is such a vast topic (encompassing all aspects of society), that a true scientist is in essence a lifelong learner. Forever open to new ideas and ways of thinking, continually assessing and re-assessing the things around them to better understand the planet and the interactions of life on it.

What will the lessons be like?

In the science lessons you will have a chance to sample a portion of what life as a scientist is like. You will be introduced to an environment where investigation through practical experimentation is encouraged; where debate on current issues is an integral part of your development as a scientist. Regular use of ICT by students and staff will add to and enrich the learning experience, showing you the wealth of exciting, fun and thought provoking topics that make science such a dynamic and thrilling subject!

Triple Science
Triple science is offered as an option through the GCSE option process. This allows you to gain a separate GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics which leads to the award of three GCSEs at the end of year 11.
Choosing this option will mean that you will get a chance to study Biology, Chemistry and Physics to a greater depth, building on the Core and Additional Science elements of Double Award Science.

Where will Science take me?

Wherever you want to go!
As science is integral to the development of thinking and reasoning skills, the study of science is an advantage in anything you chose to do, be it further education or employment. Science gives you the skills to question, understand and evaluate the world around you, giving you a greater understanding of the way we live.
All colleges offer AS/A-Level courses in the main sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Science will also enable you to study: Environmental Science, Human Biology, Philosophy, Physical Education, Photography, Psychology, Sociology, Citizenship, General Studies, Geology, Health and Social Care, Science for Public Understanding, World Development, Engineering, Agriculture, Horticulture, Geography, Public Services and NVQ or Foundation studies courses.

Mr D Buckingham

Head of Science


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