Beach Rangers – a report by Evie O’Sullivan.

In our Beach Rangers sessions we learnt about the different coloured flags and what you have to do to become a lifeguard.

In the first lesson we created vision boards and we put what we wanted to be when we were older on there.

In the last lesson we went to Portreath beach and learned how to use a defibrillator, how to do chest compression and mouth to mouth.

At the end of the sessions we got given a reusable metal water bottle.


Aladdin - A film review by Arwen

Amazing, extraordinary, breath-taking. These are just some of the words to describe the new Aladdin movie.

Aladdin has been out for a few weeks now and personally I have seen it twice – and I don’t think that is enough. I want to see it again. And to think it all started in 1709 as a story that went on to have many adaptions. There has been a Disney movie, a musical, live action pantomimes and more. I myself have seen at least one of each of these examples. If I had to rate them from my favourite to least favourite it would have to go like this: new movie, musical, pantomime, cartoon and book. Before you start judging me on my decisions let me explain – I put the movie first because I loved it and I put the West End musical second because it was really good but the ending was a bit quick. The pantomime was next because, and I know this is a bit biased, my dad played Abanaza in a local production by RAMPS Theatre Group. My uncle was Widow Twankey in another production and I enjoyed them both. I put the cartoon fourth because I can’t remember it that well. What I can remember of it was that it was good. Finally, I put the book last but only because I have never read it.

Anyway, back to the review. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The songs were beautiful and the actors perfect for each and every role. My favourite characters, I must say, have to be the new character Dhalia and then none other than the Genie himself. These characters were hilarious and (spoiler alert) well suited for each other. I know there was a lot of backlash against him but I have to say Marwan Zenzari’s performance as Jafar was outstanding.  People may have said his voice wasn’t intimidating or that he was too short but I feel that the fact that he was sort of quiet made him seem really menacing. Last but not least, Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, as Aladdin and Jasmin, they were awesome.

I would recommend this movie to anyone, even if they don’t like musicals and I give it five out of five stars. Please, if you haven’t watched the movie already, go and see it.   


Our visit to little harbour children’s hospice

- Words and photographs by Dylan & Anna.

We went to a charity called Little Harbour Children’s Hospice this week. We had a tour around the whole building.

We saw what the hospice will do with the money we have raised at our recent fundraisers. The hospice was kept very clean but it was made so it didn’t seem like a hospital.

 Some rooms were emotional because they had notes from bereaved families whose child had died.

There is a lot of activities for children to do.  They can book for a couple of days or however long they want to stay. The rooms are always noisy.

Air Cadet squadron invited to fly at RAF St Mawgan

Report by Isaac Broadbridge

flying (1).JPG

Our flying day with cadets didn’t exactly go to plan.

I was, among the rest of the cadets, sat in a flying suit for ages in the same room. At one point I went out into another room to a classroom cockpit where I learnt how to bail out of a grob tutor.

When I was finally called up I put on my life jacket, parachute and helmet and was given a cushion. I was led out to the aircraft sat down and was aided by a member of ground control to strap in and my microphone was placed into position.

We started warming up the engine but there were gusts of wind of 29 knots in the past ten minutes which would blow us out to sea if we had to bail out so we got back out the aircraft.  However, I was told I’ll be flying in the summer and I learnt a lot and had fun so all in all still a good day.

Interviews by Shaun Buckley

Interviews collected by Shaun Buckley who wanted to find out how students felt about meeting George Eustice MP.


Freya Johnson said ‘it was fun’

Summer Louise-Kimptom said ‘he was nice and charming. We found the visit very informative and I would do it again if I had the chance.’


Jessica Elliott said ‘ meeting George Eustice was amazing. It feels great meeting someone famous. As an MP he is very busy, he is very nice and friendly. I greeted him and I was the leader of the tour we gave him an interview. He told us that he used to come to Pool and do cross country. I would like to meet him again!’


Christiana Richardson said ‘ I thought it was wonderful that Mr Eustice gave up his time to visit us at Pool Academy and see what we were all up to’


Another student said ‘ it was very exiting but a bit scary.
”I would like to do it again but I don’t think I would have the chance. Also if we mess up it is in front of an mp and were not sure if we holds grudges.’

Report and photograph by Jessica Elliott.

Meeting George Eustice was amazing.


It feels great knowing you have met someone famous. As an MP he is very busy. He sounded really nice and kind and comes across really friendly.

I greeted him and was a leader with Erin of the tour. We gave him an interview and asked him questions on the tour. He told us that he used to come to Pool Academy and enjoyed doing cross country on the field.

On the tour we went to Art, DT, Science, Drama, Music, English, Maths and took a picture with him on the homemade DT bench. We came back to the conference room and Miss Meakin took them to her office. He has two people with him and they were called Mrs Gardener ( who was is assistant ) and Geoff ( the photographer ).

I would love to meet him again.

Report and photographs by Erin Lyall-Venables

Meeting George Eustice was amazing.


It’s nice knowing you got to meet someone really important. I enjoyed greeting him with Jess and the tour was really fun.

As an MP he is really busy with phone calls and important stuff like that. He came across as very friendly.

When he arrived he was being driven by someone called Geoff, and someone called Mrs Imogen Gardener.

We did an interview and asked him a lot of questions. A few were: do you like music? And his answer was yes. There was a lot of questions and photos.

Something I didn’t know about him is that he used to do cross country in our school playing field. He is part of the conservative party.

Student film Reviews

Year 8 students were shown a near hour-long edited version of Peter Jackson’s ‘They will not grow old’ recently.

The film shows soldiers speaking about what life was like on the front line.

Some of the students have written a review of the film.




Maisy Kellow

World War One film

On the 21st of November the whole of Year 8 were given the opportunity to watch an amazing and interesting film of recoloured footage by Peter Jackson.

The footage recounted the horrific world changing events of World War One and in all honesty it got me on the brink of tears.

It is amazing how our soldiers stood up for our country risking their health and lives getting critical injuries and diseases and went through the traumatic experiences for our country.

I feel happy that we were able to watch this film and I think it benefitted our learning and understanding.





Isacc Broadbridge

My review of the WW1 footage

My thoughts on the World War One footage is for a start amazing. Peter Jackson spent lots of time colouring every frame and lip reading so that we could actually see the trenches as they were instead of black and white.

We heard the men’s words that hadn’t been head for a century.  I think it was very honest about what it was like. We all know it was terrible but now we know how and why.

You can really sympathise with the soldiers and know exactly what it was like. Everyone should see this.





WW1 Review


I found the movie actually very interesting. I think everyone should watch this movie at least once. It shows us really what life would be like in World War One. It gives many people a better understanding.

It was actually a really upsetting event. People need to see this movie even though it may be horrifying and sad.

People literally risked their lives so we could live our life like it is today.”

Blood Pressure checks - written by Arwen Taylor 8MB

arwen taylor.JPG

On September 14 teachers were called to gather in the old inclusion room to have their blood pressure taken.

However, it wasn’t just the teachers who were taking their blood pressures. I decided that because the NHS workers had come to the school to take blood pressures they shouldn’t take just a few teachers. So I had my blood pressure taken and roped a few friends into doing it too.

My blood pressure was normal as was the blood pressure of both of my friends.

The order of the process is: First of all, the strap is loosely placed around arm (you would have to roll your sleeves up for the reading to be as accurate as possible); next, the strap will increase its pressure and tighten around your arm, then, it will slowly release and at a certain point, I’m sure when, releases completely. After that your pressure would be read on a monitor under constant watch by the worker.

 A few quotes from the event: ‘When was tight it felt nice but weird’, ‘After feeling tight for quite a while it feels like it just drops’, ‘At one point it felt like I lost feeling in my arm but I liked it’ , ‘It was like pins and needles.’

Having a good, normal blood pressure depends on your age but ‘between 120 and 90 is ideal’ to quote the NHS website. The top number refers to the amount of pressure in your arteries during the contraction of your heart muscle. However, the bottom number is practically the same but they are between the beats instead of during them.