Interviews by Shaun Buckley

Interviews collected by Shaun Buckley who wanted to find out how students felt about meeting George Eustice MP.


Freya Johnson said ‘it was fun’

Summer Louise-Kimptom said ‘he was nice and charming. We found the visit very informative and I would do it again if I had the chance.’


Jessica Elliott said ‘ meeting George Eustice was amazing. It feels great meeting someone famous. As an MP he is very busy, he is very nice and friendly. I greeted him and I was the leader of the tour we gave him an interview. He told us that he used to come to Pool and do cross country. I would like to meet him again!’


Christiana Richardson said ‘ I thought it was wonderful that Mr Eustice gave up his time to visit us at Pool Academy and see what we were all up to’


Another student said ‘ it was very exiting but a bit scary.
”I would like to do it again but I don’t think I would have the chance. Also if we mess up it is in front of an mp and were not sure if we holds grudges.’

Christiana Richardson