Air Cadet squadron invited to fly at RAF St Mawgan

Report by Isaac Broadbridge

flying (1).JPG

Our flying day with cadets didn’t exactly go to plan.

I was, among the rest of the cadets, sat in a flying suit for ages in the same room. At one point I went out into another room to a classroom cockpit where I learnt how to bail out of a grob tutor.

When I was finally called up I put on my life jacket, parachute and helmet and was given a cushion. I was led out to the aircraft sat down and was aided by a member of ground control to strap in and my microphone was placed into position.

We started warming up the engine but there were gusts of wind of 29 knots in the past ten minutes which would blow us out to sea if we had to bail out so we got back out the aircraft.  However, I was told I’ll be flying in the summer and I learnt a lot and had fun so all in all still a good day.

Christiana Richardson