Student Leadership Team

We are a group of 40 students representing every tutor group within the college who meet every halfterm.

We believe being a member of the S.L.T will:

-Make students involved in decision making which will influence whole school improvement- for examples see our meeting minutes

-Gets our voice heard and ensures that our concerns are taken seriously

-Improve the way people behave towards one another e.g. less bullying/fighting, more respect- for example peer mentors, cyber mentors and P.A.L (Pool Active Listeners)

-Allows us to practise important skills such as decision making, problem solving, public speaking, debating, representing others, mentoring, etc.

-Helps the staff understand what we really want and how we would like it to happen e.g. learning detectives and student researchers

-Enable us to make connections both locally and national, for example the cyber mentors forum

-Make sure all our meeting minutes and decisions made are spiralled up to the College Leadership Team and down to tutor groups

Sub Committees

There are several sub committees of S.L.T to deal with issues in a more in depth way. These are: